Paint The Night Africa

Sip and Dip

Do you have what it takes?

PTNAfrica is looking for professional, innovative instructors, to lead in a social setting. Our instructors assist guests in a structured yet, relaxed environment one brush stroke at a time.


Must be professional, patient, and courteous at all times.

• 21 years of age or older.

• Must communicate instructions effectively.

• Must be comfortable with social media; Twitter, Instgram, and Facebook to promote events.


Would you like your establishment to be a part of the next big thing to come to Lagos?

PTNAfrica paint nights will typically bring 25 plus guests to your establishment on the night of your choice to paint, eat, and drink.

What we need for the event;

• 25 to 35 chairs and table space.

• Professional, attentive, and friendly waitstaff to assist with taking drink orders.

• Assist with promoting "your paint night".




We Raise The Bar. 

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